Tuesday, March 24, 2015

SHSU Botanical Research- Peabody Memorial Library, Ghosts Stories & Camellia SELF-GUIDED TOUR #4

FITNESS WALKING MAP - Between .05 & 1.0 Mile


Did you know that our SHSU Archivist, Barbara Klevit-Mason, who at one time officed in this building, has seen a ghost in the Library?

She speculates the woman's spirit may be one of the college's first Professors or Librarians who is wearing a dark outfit resembling fashions from the early 20th century.

                                                         More campus Ghost Stories

If you want a see for yourself,
The Library is open on designated days and hours
 Next is SELF-GUIDED TOUR #5, but first take note of the flowering bushes growing along side this building.

Wondering what this flower is? A Camellia
The most familiar of the camellias is Camellia japonica – often simply called ‘japonica’ – with varieties blooming from early winter through spring. C. japonica has been cultivated in the U.S. since about 1800, initially as tender greenhouse ornamental plants in the north.  It wasn’t until 1819 that C. japonica was introduced into southern U.S. landscapes through a nursery in Charleston.   Today, many large, old camellias grace old plantations and homesteads all across the south, and many fine specimens can be found around Tyler and East Texas

Lovely Camellias that grow along the side of the building
Keep walking down the sidewalk toward the Administration Building-SELF-GUIDED TOUR #5. 
Until Next Time.

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