Monday, March 16, 2015

SHSU Botanical Research- Old Main (Biennial Garden) & Tripod. SELF-GUIDED TOUR #4

FITNESS WALKING MAP - Between .05 & 1.0 Mile

If you are using the Self-Guided Tour Map you will be rounding the corner and seeing Austin Hall up top of the hill.
 The Walking Trail in this direction will have you passing Old Main and Austin Hall.  You will be reaching Mile Marker 1.0 around the corner. 

Tripod's Headstone under a shade tree
on "College Hill"

He lived a good long life, 21 years according to his headstone
If you are wondering, who was Tripod?  He was the unofficial Mascot of SHSU "The Three-Legged Don Juan of College Hill."
According to the Newton Gresham Library podcasts, Episode 28:Jan, 3, 2008, "Tripod, as he was named by the students, loved a parade and football game.  He managed to be on the scene of all major activities.  He ate at dorms or fraternity houses.  He slept in apartments and dorms.  He never lacked for food, affection, or medical care.  He made his annual visit to the veterinarian, carried by a friend.  He always managed to have a new collar when needed."

The "Old Main Pit" as this area is known is well worth the effort to explore and see what's left after the fire of the old architecture.
The springtime blooms of the Texas Mountain Laurel
smell like grape chewing gum.
According to Scott Dolezal, Manager of SHSU Grounds, this tree is 25+ years old.  The tree has grown so large it is beginning to split apart due to the weight of the branches.  He is hopeful it will survive.
The red seeds are the Mescal Bean

The Bicentennial Garden was dedicated March 2, 1993.  The garden is now occupied with perennials such as native Lantana, and Pampas grass. Originally the newly patented Sam Houston Roses were planted there as part of the Bicentennial celebration.  Due to the fact there was too much shade in this particular section of the garden, the roses did not thrive and had to be removed.

As you leave the pit area these two native plants can be found growing inside the brick wall planters leaving Old Man and leading up the walkway to Austin Hall.

Texas Red Salvia (right side)

Turk's Cap (left side)
Before you venture too far, this fountain donated by the Sam Houston Players, is just around the corner from Old Main.

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