Thursday, March 19, 2015

SHSU Botanical Research- Austin Hall (Flowering Quince Tree & Bruce Fulenwider Hedge Marker) SELF-GUIDED TOUR #4

FITNESS WALKING MAP - Between .05 & 1.0 Mile

Flowering Quince Tree that may be from the original root stock of the plants growing by the Houston's Woodland home on the Museum complex grounds.
Back Door of Austin Hall

Did you know we at Sam Houston State University have the bragging rights to claim our heritage of this building being the First Law School in Texas. Yes, that is right, the school was established by The Board of Trustees of Austin College, March 1855.  Is someone doubts you, just point them to this plaque by the back door.

If you look just across from the doorway and down into the hedges you can spot this marker.
Bruce Fullenwider is now retired as the Grounds Manager at SHSU.  He hired current Grounds Manager, Scott Dolezal 17+ years ago.

 Another school tradition, students and lovers carving their initials into the brick wall.

This statue of Sam Houston was part of the Centennial celebration, 1879-1979

Also if you look down at the ground slightly in front of  Sam's statue, you will see another plaque.
It is the plaque representing Pluto.  This is the end of a scaled representation of our Solar System.  The beginning plaque, our Sun, is at SELF-GUIDED TOUR #12 located next to the sidewalk in front of the Farrington Building.

Now would be a good time to visit the Jewel Garden.  Go to the left of this statue.  If you go right; back down the sidewalk, this path will lead to the Peabody Memorial Library.

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