Monday, March 9, 2015

SHSU Botanical Research-McLeod Tree & Thomason Bldg.-SELF GUIDED TOUR #2

FITNESS WALKING MAP -Between 1.0 & 1.5 Mile

Coming from the Evans Complex and admiring the Red Cedar that seems to be hugged by a building, the next place on the Self-Guided Tour map is the Thomason Building.

Memorial Plaque inside entryway

The Building is named after SHNI graduate, John W. Thomason, Jr.  He was a celebrated author and illustrator.  A wonderful collection of his work can be found in the Newton Gresham Library, Thomason Room; List of Special Collections

A Wonderful memorial to Professor of Biology,
Claude A. McLeod

This day the leaves seem to shimmer
with leftover Fall foliage

This wonderful Red Oak tree is planted on the lawn just outside the Thomason Building's Entryway.  It is in memory of Professor of Biology, Claude A. McLeod.  This particular variety, a common type of Oak, is one of the trees found in the Big Thicket Preserve which was an important part of his life's work.

His work included the book, "The Big Thicket Forest of East Texas (1967), and can be requested from the Newton Gresham Library.  McLeod's work and was an important part of the development of the Big Thicket National Preserve.

Professor McLeod is also acknowledged for his contributions in one of my husband's favorite books, "Nature Lover's Guide to the Big Thicket," by Howard Peacock.  Peacock writes, "McLeod devoted his brilliant scientific rationale to provide and publish a territorial definition of the Big Thicket."

As you leave this site, make your way back to the street side of the Thomason Building.  Continue onto SELF-GUIDED TOUR #3

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