Monday, April 20, 2015

SHSU-Botanical Study Final Post-What's Next

I have thoroughly enjoyed this project, because the experience has definitely left me with more reasons to be a proud BearKat.  A rich heritage one should embrace.

Also, my research project has given me a platform, as an artist and lover of history, to showcase some of the many wonderful hidden treasures which make Sam Houston State University and Museum complex one of the best Centers for Higher Education.

As a student and I am like many of the faculty, we are  all busy running from place to place on campus, never taking  time to "smell the roses.". I hope I have given you a reason to slow down and appreciate our campus surroundings.

The bulk of my research is now complete, so I will be moving onto the next phase which includes: art exhibits, lectures, writing a book, and creating a scholarship fund. All parts in my plan, as a future Alumni, to leave a positive footprint where Sam Houston himself once tread.

Until Next Time.

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