Monday, April 13, 2015

SHSU Botanical Research- ABIII & Farrington Bldg.(SELF-GUIDED TOUR #11 & #12)

FITNESS WALKING MAP -  1.5- 1.0 Mile

Once you top the hill and go around ABIII building you will run into the cannon known as Boomer.   There even is a special ROTC group called the Cannon Crew who fires one at special occasions.

Make note that across Bowers Blvd. is the Art Complex, which will be our last part of the Building and Botanical Research Tour.

Now keep walking to our last stop #12 on the Main Campus grounds to the Farrington Building.

If you go just past this sign and look on the left side of the sidewalk you will see these in ground plaques. 
Dr. Russell Palma who at the time was the Chair of the Physics department and Frank Cooper, had an idea sometime around 1992-93, to create and install stainless steel plaques that accurately represents our Solar System.  

First of the series of plaques


In the back of Austin Hall, near this statue of Sam Houston is where Pluto, the last of the plaques is located.

Time to back track a little, go back to where "Boomer" the cannon is located by ABIII building.  You will be crossing Bower Blvd. and going to the Art Complex located in the metal buildings sitting on the corner.
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