Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SHSU Botanical Research- Jewel Garden's Magnolia Tulip Trees (-SELF GUIDED TOUR #3)


Walking down the side street that originates with the Faculty parking by the Visitors Center, you will pass by the Student Union.

Next will be the Margaret Lea Houston Building.

If you look up atop the hill 

for a much too short period of time in early spring, you will see a row of Tulip trees blooming within the Jewel Garden, tucked in a little area just west of Austin Hall. 

   What a viewer can expect this greatly admired sight in early Spring.

Trees Dormant in Winter

The Senior Class of 1948 presented the garden.  Grace Longino assisted with the beautification of what was originally a dangerous mud slope.  The original fountain is no longer working, but the various precious stones which lead up to the statue give the garden its' name.  The serene statue of a young, tranquil, curly headed woman was modeled after a student cheerleader, Ruth Whisenhant.

Jewel Garden precious stones and statue

This Jewel Garden bench allows one to enjoy the meditative aspects of this garden which is surrounded by Camellias, Azaleas, and Magnolia Tulip trees.

Now continue on around the corner and up the hill to SELF-GUIDED TOUR#4.
Old Main & Austin Hall.  You will be able to catch your breath shortly, after visiting these two sites.
Until Next Time.

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