Wednesday, September 24, 2014

SHSU Botanical Study-Mexican Plum Tree (Field Sketch)

It was an enjoyable morning, the first official day of Fall and the temperature was much cooler, only 77 degrees.  Although the Museum and Education Center were closed, the grounds were teaming with activity.

Met a lovely, amicable couple out for their daily morning walk around the park.  They saw me photographing the Mexican Plum tree and commented, it was enjoyable to see the park plants during all their seasonal changes which led into a conversation about this research project.

For several hours I spent sitting on the porch of the Bear Bend Cabin, it was a perfect place for sketching and painting this beautiful tree's foliage, fruit and bark.

Here are my results shown in my Field Journal:

My observations revealed that the leaves of this plant feel very soft and furry.  Its' bark was a silvery grey and with a slightly brownish tint.  The fruit is although very tiny, the size of a dime or nickel,  has a sweet taste once you get past the bitter tasting skin.  I was amazed to find that even in the late Summer and early Fall there was still so much fruit production.  Although most of the fruit had fallen to the ground. 
You could see the fruit peeking through the blades of grass
and had to watch out where you stood,
for the ants were enjoying the fruit too.
My next adventure and blog will be as a result of being on the grounds tomorrow, Thursday.  I plan to meet with Helen, the Education Curator, to learn how to plant pound onto fabric and extract the dye and also leave an impression.

Be sure to read the following posted blog entry to learn more about the Mexican Plum tree.

Until Next Time.

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