Sunday, September 14, 2014

SHSU Botanical Reseach- Mexican Plum Tree (Field Work) part 1

Now that the wonderful rain and cold front has passed through Central Texas, I can again safely venture outside and work on my research. The grounds crew will be busy this week thinning out the Bamboo thicket, so I need to choose a different site to work.

Feeling the cooler temperatures outside gives me a clue as to where I should light.  Fall is peeking right around the corner and so will the holiday season and that means tasty foods.

In doing some preliminary research I found some very interesting information on the probable food uses of the wild plums found on Mexican Plum trees produced on the Houston's home site. 

Mexican Plum by old kitchen 

Some of the tasty stone fruit

To wet your taste buds here is a modern recipe for wild plums:
Plum Jam Canning Recipe.  I will share some of the historic 1800's recipes I found in a later post.

Okay that settles it, Mexican Plum tree it is this week.

UR-TURN: So what is your favorite Plum recipe?  Feel free to share .

Until Next Time.

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