Friday, September 27, 2013

Red Cedar in Evans Complex-Botanical Study SHSU (Initial Discoveries)

Last week the weather could not have been nicer, lows in the 60's and highs only reaching the upper 80's because of a cold front that came through to welcome in the Fall season.  Love those cold fronts after our Hot, Hot Summers.

Happy to report my initial sketch is coming along nicely, but I have not finished rendering this really beautiful, and amazing tree, but wanted to check in with everyone. 

Stopping to closely examine the trunk and leaves of this large, old tree really was rewarding.  I do not know how many times during two semesters I hurriedly passed by this natural beauty trying to make my 8 o'clock English classes.   Sadly I never really stopped to discover how many interesting twist and turns the trunk make.

This is one of the many reasons I am excited about doing this project. My class days on Sam's campus, like other students and faculty mostly is filled with running from one class to another.  Therefore, I really do not get a full sense of the beauty that surrounds the campus.

Here are a few more pictures showing some of what I saw while sketching last week.

Red Cedar Tree- Wonderful Specimen

Tree Magnificently Towers above the Evans Complex
Just some of the many Knot Holes that wrap around the trunk

Hopefully, my project will inspire you to slow down a little more and enjoy the Art made naturally all around us.

Check in soon, as the next post will include pictures of my sketches of this important tree.  

Until Next Time.


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