Friday, September 20, 2013

Botanical Study-The Beginning

Everything has a beginning and this project is no exception.  This idea arose out of a need to make a Honor's College contract with my Advanced Drawing professor, Martin Amorous.  He and I met to discuss what I could work on to fulfill these requirements.  Out of our brainstorming session came the idea of mapping and botanically sketching certain trees and flowering plants on our campus grounds.

In doing some preliminary research, I discovered there was a need for such a project, it had never been previously attempted.  A few years ago, a Biology professor had taken it upon himself to tag important trees on the campus and mapped their location.  Unfortunately, these tags have either been grown over by those trees or squirrels destroyed them.

As they say, it takes a village to raise a child, the same applies here too. Several people have graciously agreed to help in anyway to see this project be successful.  Barbara Mason, the University Archivist, who is a wealth of information was my first contact.  The other two key people are, Scott Doezal, our Grounds Maintenance Manager, and Josh Mizrany, our University Arborist who also is a native of Huntsville.

My goal is to document this project in several different ways which include a sketchbook, site map, and this blog.

Love to have you join me in this Lewis & Clark type adventure.  You can follow along and not miss any of the excitement by joining this blog as a follower, or to receive e-mail updates.  Look for these forms on the right hand side of the blog page.

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